Pixel Empire

A very spartan digital media portfolio

When you spend your teen years and twenties on the internet, you learn to do a lot of things by and for yourself. Below are some samples of the fruits of my many years of labour in Photoshop.

Things I Can Do

My talents mainly lie in image editing, web design, blogging, and social media.

  • Edit all the code
  • Write words for blogs and emails
  • Meticulously scan and edit images
  • Take many pictures

A Few Examples

A small but varied sample of some of my work in Photoshop, focusing largely on scanning, stitching, colour correction, text placement, blending, vector tracing, and most importantly, clone brushing.


The original was scanned from a 2015 magazine at 600dpi and stitched together from two images. The second involved more intense clone-brushing to remove the text from around the knees and above their heads, and also major colour correction.

The Television

Scanned from a magazine in 2015, an oversized poster that needed major work to clone brush out folds. The most intense parts were the floor and curtains. No colour correction was done.

The Becoming

A wallpaper from 2014 that blended blood splatter textures from resurgere with 300dpi scans from a photobook. Mostly involved blending layers (lighten or multiply), along with some colour correction.


A dual-monitor wallpaper from 2012. Most of the work involved drawing the ends of letters that were missing from the original to connect them to adjacent letters. Also involved minor colour-correction.

All Shook Up

Photobook was scanned at 300dpi and stitched together. Wallpaper involved major work to clone brush out the binding and text, in addition to major colour correction.


Original was scanned at 300dpi. Wallpaper involved vector tracing the outlines and colouring them in. Font is round.

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